Sarah color progress

Ok well, back to work, we've been quite busy lately at work but its time to go ahead with my personal log files. This time I'll show you some color progressions on my character Sarah. Definetly I wanted some comic look for her, so retouching proportions was mandatory during the entire process until finish. So nothing more than a diffuse, that is!

Here you can see the first stages of production. Basic color scheme was almost unchanged for the entire process, but i made lots of modifications to the face. First version, plain base colors, face more or less in place, Ignore red eyes, at this stage I didnt bother with eye detail, I was looking for the mood of the character. From left to right model, theres a slight simplification for the face factions, she has more slim cheeks, I like the overal face look but still not happy with her. That leads us to stage 2.

On stage two theres a more complete armor and colors have been overall toned. I was working on carvings and decoration for the armor. Complete reconstruction for the eyes, she looks With puppy eyes now, that led me to the ultimate decision: since I didnt match the final polycount I carved her eyes and half opened her mouth so she looked a bit more natural.

You can check on a bigger version on my deviantart page and some turntable animation I did on my vimeo web page as well! Dont forget to leave comments!



Guild Wars 2!

Well, if you're probably wondering if saomething happened lately, you are right. I've been preparing for this for years and lately updated my gaming equipment here at home as well. I have to buy a new gel cushion for my wrist yet, my old one has exploded (just learned THIS could actually happen) with Diablo right on the corner, I feel I'll be quite busy for months! On the shot, I'm the black charr with the sword.



Guess who was this week

Hello! Its me again. This time bringing you another revamped oldie. Lets take a look back in time: I created Rudy around July last year 2011. I started this model soon after completing my online workshop with Katon Callaway. Started as a 2d design retouched by my good friend Mr. Pencracker, then modeled using Zbrush in hi-poly but after being stopped for so long I retook this project some time ago a decided to give her a twist: no normal-baking-stuff this time, just diffuse and specular hand-painted textures and we'll see what do I come with. I'll leave you a sneak peek showing off her silhouette. Dont forget to tell me what you think!



Gryphon on phase 2

Hey there! This time instead of bringing a screenshot I made a turntable of my last work in progress: The small low-poly gryphon. It's still, missing wings! I'm quite busy at work right now, and I've been having stomach ache on last week, but soon there will be more updates on this topic. I'll be adding wings and rig as next steps for it. Well ok, wings are made already, but waiting por diffuse paint! Please feel free to comment or add questions. Enjoy!


En vanguardia

Bueno, esto no tiene absolutamente nada que ver, pero bueno como de aficiones tambien va la cosa decir que llevo 6 años esperando este juego Asi que he decidido montarmelo por todo lo alto: lo primero? Un teclado de macro (que por cierto he aprovechao para el Zbrush y va del carajo) No va mal para jugar, las cosas como son, pero a mi me viene estupendo por el tema del teclado mac de las narices, ke paso de configurar para jugar porque es un petardo. En, fin, ya tengo el juego, tengo el teclado y solo falta esperar a que salga XD


zombie finish! (yeah!)

Yep! Mas sobre la zombie querida, esta vez, ya terminadita y con textura. trabajo de un finde, incluido pesado y animacion de idle (no tiene mucho mas) los que querais verla en accion no dudeis en bajaros la app del applestore que es gratis! En detalles tecnicos, tiene un esqueleto supersimple. con lo minimo que se reparte en huesos, vaya, y la animacion me costo un triunfo porque la hice a toda bulla y claro, tiene su aquel, pero estoy orgulloso de que haya resultado asi despues de haber partido sin ningun tipo de preparación o esqueleto previo. Algo mas que enseñar para el bote!


Its just a possibility...

But I was seriously thinking on translating my whole blog to an english version cor two main reasons: I've got not too many spanish readers, and last, but not least this way I may expand my current readers' pot at a very low cost. Indeed, this is likely to happen soon.